Meet The Team

Tanya Desfontaines

Director, teacher and guide 

Tanya is an International teacher of Craniosacral Biodynamics, and founder of the Forest School of Biodynamics.
She was trained and mentored by Franklyn Sills, at the Karuna Institute on Dartmoor, Devon, where she later joined the teaching faculty. She taught at this seminal school for 10 years, culminating in leading and co-ordinating the foundation training until its completion in 2020.

Tanya began her career as a Physiotherapist, trained at the Royal London Hospital. She has long been fascinated with the mysteries of the human body and its capacity to heal itself. Relocating to Devon, Tanya worked in the NHS for 15 years, before entering private practice in 2007. She remains a dedicated clinician, with a small private practice.

Life events such as the birth of children, separation, loss and bereavement have inspired an ongoing process of self-discovery, healing and maturation, all of which Tanya brings to her work. She was apprenticed to a Shamanic path for 5 years prior to entering the field of craniosacral therapy, spending much time in nature, in personal and group ceremonies and cultivating an awareness of and connection to the elemental forces and the worlds, seen and unseen, of Grandmother Earth. The Forest School of Biodynamics represents a return to these Shamanic roots and an acknowledgement of the natural healing and rebalancing that can be experienced when we connect with and surrender to the forces of Life.

Tanya teaches in Europe, South America and the USA, as well as in the Forest School. Please see for details of International courses.

Sara Godwin


I’ve always enjoyed cooking for people over my 20+ years experience curating some incredible events. From festivals and weddings, to small pop kitchens and markets stalls.

My recipes are based around good nutrition, seasonal ingredients and new and interesting recipes with worldly influences.

It’s wonderful to be part of such an incredible team of diverse people, all working towards good health, body alignment & well-being.